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Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and what is becoming a passion for me. Making websites! I want to spend the rest of my days making websites. It began long ago while I was in my first career as a chef. A fellow chef was surprised that I didn’t have a computer. The cyber age was just on the rise in the 80’s and every home was getting computers. It was that dot com era you heard about where people were getting rich from websites. I got one and toyed with it, it was a Dell PC, mostly with music files.

In around 2010 I start a social club for men and created my first website on my own. I used an editor that didn’t require me to learn coding languages (WYSIWYG) where you just grab any kind of piece you want on the site, say a text box, picture or button or anything else and place it on your site. The website was so good that I got more members to my meetings. I was very intrigued in how flexible it was to create them that I decided to give up cooking and try to become “ the best webmaster in Butler PA.” I enrolled into the local community college and will soon graduate with an associate degree as a website development specialist.

Now that I can code a website, I’m seeing how more flexible I can be in being creative. Over the years I must have had at least five renditions of my first website. With a tool called Google Analytics I can see all the traffic I get to my website and can track yours also. You may have heard it said don’t chase money but do what you love, and prosperity will come to you. Darren sites can do any type of website that you need. I'm also being trained now (2020) so I will have updated tools to implement in producing your solution.

At an additional cost I will handle your email marketing at a reasonable rate .If you write the newsletters and email content. The newsletter and or emails from you will be content that is specific to your website and its brand. That is why you must write it for me, if you want me to blast it to your mailing list. There are a few ways to get a good list going especially if your have any social media pages. The likes and followers that you get through those avenues can be a way to grow your mailing list.

Ask them to opt-in to receive periodic mail from you. I also let them know that I will not spam their in-box . I send out a quarterly newsletter every season and an invite to my group action twice a month and that is it! It is very illegal to send out unsolicited emails and an unsubscribe link must be included in all emails set out. But very few leave your list if the information is something they can use and or targets their interest. I can’t count how many times I have gotten unwanted emails and search for that link. When I don’t find it, I reply nicely as I can and inform them, they are breaking the law.

It is sad that the word “newsletter” turns some people off, because in many newsletters there is timely and pertinent information in them. Such as special deals only subscribers can get ,upcoming changes of events, affiliate offers and much more! To counter that I suggest a title such as “ Would you like to receive periodic offers just for you, in your inbox.” With a simple checkbox stating “opt-in.” Email marketing is not free. I pay $15 dollar a month for mine. But I just Googled free ones and HubSpot came up for 2000 address Free! Mm mm , I think I will give GoDaddy a call.

I do not just leave you hanging when I issue your solution. After six months of free support I will help you at a nominal fee, if you choose the enhanced package. If you are like me, if I get great service at an establishment called company “A” but their prices are a bit high but at company “B” whose prices are lower I get terrible service , I would go with company “A” and don’t mine paying the higher cost because the service is so good. So me understanding that how do you think I will treat you?

Mid-semester I had a customer service class which I got an “A” as my final grade. We were taught tools to implement good service in all business environments. Listening being a key one. Let a client state their needs and try to for fill them. You may notice that in my basic package I state that I will charge $20 per call if you purchase that package. I’m flexible with that. If we , you and I, just made or improved the website I expect a few call right away. Its after it is all perfect you okayed it and some time has passed,and you call and want to add or subtract stuff that I will charge a fee.

See that pop-up chat operator at the bottom right? That is real and I have an app on my phone that makes a special sound from Pure Chat that you are reaching out to me. I can consult you on issues to even if you don’t need my services and have a web issue you think I can solve. I only ask that you give me your email address for that and opt-in to my mailing list. That is another reason I’m “the best web developer In Butler PA. “

Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

I have learned a lot about this topic through trial and error. At first, I thought it would be easy to setup a payment portal on my websites, but Visa and MasterCard want a $500 cash charge to do that. I recently found a better and less expensive way to get money from my visitors.

The first is Cash.me or Cash.app which is very smartphone focused and the receiver will need the app on their smartphone to pay you. With you having their email address you send them the cash request. They will get the request in their email box and if they don’t have the app, they will be asked to download it. The great thing about Cash.app is that unlike Shopify you only pay 1% for every $50 dollars! That other company was charging me $30 a month!

I then found the cure, Square. Square also only charge a small fee per transaction. I will make a store on the Square website and we will then link your products on that store, to your website. I then release the credentials (username and password) back to you to change. I use this feature on my pricing section.

Google does not like static pages. Instead blog sites that update often get ranked higher. Static pages are ones that are frozen or unchanging. Words or content is king for webpages. The Google spiders crawl webpages in search of the topic(s). The more relevant key words or key phrases they find will rank you as an authority on those topics. Thus pushing your website higher on search engines page results when a user searches for your products or topic.

There are many SEO (search engine optimization) techniques but structuring your website as a blog with many periodic postings will get you seen faster. To explain further how important words and wording is in search results, lets take for example a domain name. If I own a bike shop in New Brighton PA and I saw that the domain- bikes_NewBrightonPa.com was available, bought it and made that my website’s URL (universal resource locator). Then a user in me region goes to their PC and types in “ bikes in new Brighton pa” my website would appear on the first page of their search, if not at the top. So a domain such as bnbpa.com would not be good SEO practice.

Real blog structures also have what is called a web feed in the coding. You may have seen RSS (really simple syndication). This will allow users to access updates to your website with a news aggregator that they join for free. The news aggregator which will check for new content and pass it to the user.

Blogging can be very important so consider it has a page on your website or structure the site as a blog.

I Can Make Logos, business card templates and favicons.

I make stylized and beautiful logos that will fit your business model. I then can turn that logo into your favicon, which is the small tab picture at the very top of the browser. I can take you away from the plain business card to the intricate and send you a template of both stylings.

I don’t print them out for you but give you the picture both front and back to give to a print company. I will give them enough bleed around the edges so they can make them properly . Web pictures should use the RGB selection and printing requires the Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K – as the “key” color for registering other colors).They make four plates of these four base colors and create millions of colors.

As I stated I don’t print out the cards .That market is well covered and cheap. You can get 500 cards for twenty dollars at most printers. I did attempt to print some cards for a friend with some Avery card stock and was successful but the cost for me right now to charge my clients would be too high.

As in all my work that you receive from me, if you don’t like it, have me do it again. But if you love it tell everyone about “ a website developer in Butler PA.” that does great work.

In my campaigning to get a client and make his website for his restaurant, he one day called me on another issue. He was told by his affiliate company which he was leaving and stating his own restuarant, that he had to change his digital menu boards. He was told was to find someone who can manipulating web pages and creating web presentations. Well you know those display boards you read at McDonalds and similar restaurants? I found out through a brief research and asking my professors that I can create awesome moving display like that. It is called digital signage. You may have seen the Grill on Main video on my more work page.

The process involved creating an awesome board in a PowerPoint presentation,then putting it into a flash drive. Then taking that flash drive and inserting it into the right port of the menu board. Then taking the remote control navigating to the folder with the presentation and look for the “send to” wording and play it on the board.

As I state in my “ Why Hire Me” paragraph , if I don’t know it, I will try my best to learn it for you. My skill set will allow me to understand the trade language of the industry of software , making me your best bet as the “ greatest website designer in Butler PA.”

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